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     It is an honor and pride for us as well as the children of the nation since 2004 who gave their time, energy, thoughts, and hard work to produce a superior product quality elevator-escalator with the brand TAMIANG.To support economic growth and acceleration, improve public services and Acceleracy growth of new towns (new city development) in Indonesia, in the form of a business center, offices, hotels, airports, industrial and residential level (apartment).

     The elevator-escalator brand TAMIANG always present to provide the perfect solution as a major support facilities vertical transportation equipment in the building.Product Brand TAMIANG elevator-escalator was modified design (re-design) and engineering processes (re-engineering) Our reliable technicians and still have its to international standards EN-81 about the security and safety of all products elevator-escalator in the World Here you are.

     The success of our technicians are supported by facilities for production machinery assembling point and testing areas that are already available and ready for use at any time.With the support of human resources (HR) and facilities owned factory, then Brand TAMIANG contribute to the increased use of domestic components (TKDN) above 75% and we are proud to be part of the national product, as well as our commitment is to be the largest and the best elevator-escalator industry in Indonesia.

     TAMIANG elevator is the 1st Indonesian elevator company has been certified by International standard certification both of ISO 9001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007. It is a proven that our TAMIANG elevator already comply to worldwide elevator company, our industry has a document control standards, and high safety requirement in work on the project of the consumer expectation.We still continue to require all parties, great employees, clients, developers, consultants, associations, and also demand a great course to realize our dream of becoming the biggest and best in Indonesia, the spirit (the spirit and courage) to take a stand and always said “INDONESIA BISA” is to be the motto for the brand of TAMIANG Elevator.

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    Jakarta Garden City Rukan Avenue Blok C8-035
      Cakung, Jakarta Timur, Indonesia
   +62-21-2246.1611 (Hunting)

Service 24 Hours
    Jl. P. Komarudin Raya No.15 Penggilingan
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