As we know, that with the rise of multi-storey buildings, it needs transportation equipment to transport the occupants of the building to rise and fall in support of its activities within the building. Elevators of course have become common goods that usually serve these needs since the construction of high-rise buildings.

     As time goes by, the need for elevators services is increasingly becoming the main thing that must remain consistent to serve the building's inhabitants, especially for an organization whose members are required to move dynamically because of their needs or duties or because it relates to the organization sebadan or the other in one building with different floors.

     Along with the time also elevators that have been installed in advance will experience reduction in performance caused by age wear, technological ability, the influence of outside, the needs of managers or demands of its users.

     If the elevator is getting more and more down the performance and has been so problematic for the users and managers, then usually the think is "Replacing Elevator".

     Maybe you need to think more wisely in this case, if the building is filled by residents / tenants, of course will arise interruptions due to the process of dismantling the old elevator and installation of new elevators, be it the noise, dust, messy, up and down equipment, and cessation of elevator service.

There are at least 2 options for this problem:

  1. Created separate and closed access for the job, and work is done outside working hours, and work is done in stages. This method will solve the mechanical disturbance that arises but the service interruption is still long enough until the finishing process is complete, and another cost for work outside of working hours will be greater than in the working hours of both the elevator provider and the supervisor.
  2. The second way is with the Modernization of elevators.

     Modernization of elevators only focuses on the root of the problem of decreasing perforna elevators or on equipment required to improve performance only (unless it affects the structure or condition of the building) and the remainder is to keep using old components or equipment.

     As it is known that the striking differences of the old and new elevators apart from their physical outward appearance (trains, doors and accessories), the most important is the technology of its control system, while the mechanical equipment is almost unchanged, such as Machines, Rail , Car Frame, Platform, Counterweight Frame, Buffer, Rope, Safety Block, Governor etc.

     With modernization can also get a shorter work time and with the selection of the right Control system and replacement / repair components required or that are obsolete it will get the same results with the performance of new elevators.

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