• PT. TAMIANG MULTI TRADA was established on September 15, 2004 with a varied sub-field and very limited human resources.
  • Sub field variations
    1. Computer Procurement.
    2. Lightning Protection Installation.
    3. AC maintenance.
    4. Genset Maintenance.
    5. Elevator Installation.
  • The company began to focus on the installation and maintenance of elevators - escalators. And in this year also PT Tamiang Multi Trada won the trust of one of the PMA companies to handle installation and repaire throughout Indonesia (subkon).
  • PT. TAMIANG MULTI TRADA in trust to be the sole agent for sales of elevators and escalator matiz brand in Indonesia from 2010-2013.
  • As time progresses and sales growth grows rapidly, TAMIANG halts sub-division divisions and focuses more on managing its own units. 2013 is the beginning of the company's rise, the company registered the TAMIANG brand to HAKI, to become a brand new unit trademark. On the other hand to support the company's sales make workshop equipped with the latest equipment ranging from cutting tool and appeal with length 4 m, lathe and other supporting tools.
  • PT. TAMIANG got the certificate of ISO 9001 AND OHSAS 18001.
  • Total unit sales and maintenance reach 1000 units.
  • Brand TAMIANG in love trust to supply units to several apartments and hotels on 30 floors with total sales of new units in one year as many as 150 units is a record in the sales history of PT TAMIANG MULTI TRADA.
  • The company continues to grow with total main power reach 150.

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