• 21Mar 2019

    We are Tamiang Elevator

    We still present TAMIANG ELEVATOR to provide the perfect solution as the main supporting means of vertical transportation equipment in buildings. The success of our te.

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    • 20Feb 2019

      Project of Escalator at PTIK (Perguruan Tinggi Ilmu Kepolisian) Jakarta

      The Tamiang Elevator brand has installed an escalator at PTIK (Police Science College) Jakarta. Supported by a solid and hard-working team so that the escalator projec.

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      • 14Feb 2019

        Project of Passenger Elevator at Kenangan Hotel Bandung

        Passenger Elevator brand Tamiang at Kenangan Hotel Bandung has been successfully installed on 12 - August - 2018 with the number of one unit having a 3 floor capacity .

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        • 13Feb 2019

          Project of Passenger Elevator at Clinic SMEC Bekasi

          The Tamiang Elevator brand has successfully installed one elevator unit at the Bekasi SMEC Clinic on 09-July-2018 with a capacity of 800 Kg and a capacity of 10 people.

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          • 18Nov 2017

            Participation in the socialization of Occupational Safety and Health

                 As a company engaged in contracting, we always apply K3 (Occupational Safety and Health). We always try to minimize the occurrence of accident.

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            • 28July 2017

              Project Tamiang load 800 Kgs

                   Brand Tamiang Elevator installed one unit of elevator with load capacity of 800 Kgs and capacity of 10 people. Increasingly more Tamiang Eleva.

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              • 08June 2017

                The spirit and compactness of Tamiang Elevator

                     As an elevator and escalator contractor company which is well known in indonesian and abroad, Tamiang Elevator is ready to serve elevator and .

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                • 04May 2017

                  Project Tamiang load 450 Kgs

                       The Tamiang elevator project in 2017 continues to grow, the number of requests for elevators and escalators with the Tamiang Elevator brand pr.

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                  • 13Jan 2017

                    Tamiang Elevator always stock products and components

                         As a company engaged in contracting the sale of elevator units - escalators and service, we will not give up to improve the quality and servic.

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